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Newsletter December 2018
The Perfect Christmas; Non-Profit: Salvation Army; Biblical Keys to Health; Compounding for Thyroid Imbalance; Norland's 12 Days of Christmas Sale; Essential Oils Tips & Tricks: Diffuser Recipe Advent Calendar; Think Magnesium; Norland Rewards

2018 Gift Guide
A sample of our great gift selection, details on our Christmas Open House, and a money-saving coupon!

Newsletter November 2018
Keeping Your "Second Brain" Healthy; Non-Profit: Maranatha Ministries; Biblical Keys to Health; Compounded Solutions for Dermatology; Free Seminars; Essential Oils Make & Take Workshop; Benefits of Fiber; COUPON; Christmas Open House Details

Newsletter October 2018
Prostate Health Support; Free Gift Giving Blending Class; Non-Profit: Operation Christmas Child Warehouse; Biblical Keys to Health; Low Testosterone?; Flu Shots; Jewelry Sale; Essential Oils Tips & Tricks: Natural Hand Sanitizer; Handling Stress; Free Hormone Imbalance Seminars Co-Sponsored by Summit Health

Newsletter September 2018
Sleep = Laziness Life; Non-Profit: Trail Life; Biblical Keys to Health; Help Fight the Flu; Flu Shot Clinic; Free Seminars: Sleep and Hormone Balance; Essential Oils Tips & Tricks: Buy Three, Get One Free; Rectal Rockets; Fall Harvest Sale; Essential Oil Diffuser Sale

Newsletter August 2018
Support for Neurological & Cognitive Health; Non-Profit: Five Forks Food Pantry; Biblical Keys to Health; Recover & Heal Incredibly; Choose the Taste; Free Seminars; Essential Oils Tips & Tricks; Help for Focusing; End of Summer Sale; Nordic Naturals Sale

Newsletter July 2018
Natural Supplements for Diabetes; FREE Diabetes 101 Seminar; Non-Profit: Project Big Love; Biblical Keys to Health; Helping Vets Help Pets; Dr. Stacie Rothrock, Hormone Replacement Therapy Specialist; Essential Oils Blending Class; Do You Need Iron?; 20% Off Purses, Wallets, & Bags; Happy Feet

Newsletter June 2018
Help for Migraines; COUPON; Non-Profit: New Hope Shelter; Biblical Keys to Health; Restoring Hormonal Balance; Synchronize & Save; FREE SEMINARS; Essential Oils Joint Pain Reliever Gel; Ananda Hemp CBD Oil; Customer Appreciation Event & Supplement Sale; Father's Day Gift Ideas

Newsletter May 2018
Supplements for Osteoporosis; Free Seminar: Lyme Disease; Non-Profit: House of Grace; Biblical Keys to Health; Combining Science & Nature to Combat Scars; New Recommendation for Shingles Vaccine; Essential Oils Diffuser & Inhaler Blending Workshop; Healthy Pain Control System; Mother's Day Jewelry Sale

Newsletter April 2018
Autoimmune Diseases; Non-Profit: Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter; Biblical Keys to Health; An Affordable, Safe Compounded Option; Free Seminar: Advanced Essential Oils; MTM Consultations; Essential Oils Tips & Tricks: Spring is Coming; Activated Charcoal Capsules or Powder; Will Tree Sale; Free Thyroid Seminar

Newsletter March 2018
Continually Feeling Rundown?; Oil & Recipe of the Month Club; Non-Profit: Occupational Services Inc.; Biblical Keys to Health; Compounding for Acne; e-cloth Sale; Free Seminars: Adrenal Fatigue and Hormone Replacement; Take Action Against Menopause; Anniversary Event

Newsletter February 2018
Supplements for Heart Health; FREE SEMINAR: Heart Health; Non-Profit: Network Ministries; Biblical Keys to Health; Dealing with Vaginal Atrophy/Dryness; 2018 Showcase of Gifts; Essential Oils Tips & Tricks: Essential Oils for Congestion; Filling the Gaps; FREE SEMINAR: Intro to Essential Oils; 20% Off Candles & Candle Accessories

Newsletter January 2018
Top Five Supplements for Depression; FREE SEMINAR: Vitamins 101; Non-Profit: Diaper Depot; Biblical Keys to Physical, Emotional, & Spiritual Health; Why Compound at Norland; Specialists Ready to Serve You; Essential Oils Tips & Tricks; Our Favorite Vitamin; Clean Sweep Gift Sale; Essential Oils Make & Take Cold/Flu Workshop

Newsletter December 2017
Ten Ways to Keep Christ in Christmas; Norland's 12 Days of Christmas Sale; When the Doctor Says, "It's Viral."; Essential Oils Tips & Tricks: Why Diffuse Essential Oils?; Non-Profit: Child Evangelism Fellowship; Proverbs to Live By: Do Not Allow Wine to Control You; Featured Compound: Chronic Pain Relief; Account Access at Your Fingertips

2017 Gift Guide
A Sample of Our Great Gift Selection; Details on the Christmas Open House; Information on Our Twelve Days of Christmas Sale; Coupon on Page Four

Newsletter November 2017
A Unique Powder Blend for Neuro-Health; The Basics of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy; Menopause Treatments Seminar; Essential Oils Workshop; Help for Brittle Nails; Essential Oils Tips & Tricks: Essential Oil Advent Calendar; Proverbs to Live By: Fear (Respect) the Lord; Featured Compound: Molluscum Contagiosum; Coupon; Christmas Open House

Newsletter October 2017
The Many Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract; Flu Shot Clinic; Mushroom Power; Free Seminars: Advanced Essential Oil & Brain Health; Essential Oils Tips & Tricks: Immune Support; Proverbs to Live By: Be a Faithful Friend; Non-Profit: Cumberland Valley Breast Care Alliance; Featured Compound: Shingles Treatment; Jewelry Sale

Newsletter September 2017
How to Choose a Compounding Pharmacy; Important Vaccination Information; Support for Stressful Times; Essential Oils Tips & Tricks: Plant Therapy's Rosalina; Proverbs to Live By: Work When You Can; FREE SEMINAR: The Stressed Life; A Fond Farewell; Fall Harvest Sale; Candle Sale

Newsletter August 2017
For Anyone Picking Up Multiple Prescriptions Each Month; Top Four Supplements for Kids; Rotating Probiotics; Essential Oils Tips & Tricks: Natural Bathroom Cleaner; Proverbs to Live By: Be Slow to Anger; Non-Profit: Five Forks Food Pantry; The Best Medicine; Featured Compound: Old Drug, New Use; Summer Savings Sale; Nordic Naturals Best Sellers for Kids Sale; Essential Oil Make & Take Day; Free Probiotics Seminar

Newsletter July 2017
Norland Rewards for Maintenance Meds; FREE Essential Oils Blending Class; Your One-Stop Smoothie Shop; Essential Oils Tips & Tricks: Tummy Troubles?; Proverbs to Live By: Think Before You Act; Non-Profit: Pregnancy Ministries; The Best Medicine; Featured Compound: FLAVORx; Donna Sharp Sale

Newsletter June 2017
Our Top Five/Essential Four; Customer Appreciation Event; Rewards Program Update; Free Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Seminar; Hair & Skin Support; Essential Oils Tips & Tricks: Non-Toxic Bug Spray; Proverbs to Live By: Speak Words that Bring Healing; Non-Profit: Chambersburg Project; The Best Medicine; Featured Compound: Rx Skin Therapy; Coupon; Supplement Sale

Newsletter May 2017
Bone Density - Do You Know Your Numbers?; Foot Health & Wellness; Essential Oil Workshop; Homeopathic Pain Medicine; Featured Essential Oil: Plant Therapy's Clear Again; Proverbs to Live By: Be a Person of Integrity; Non-Profit: Royal Family Kid's Camp; The Best Medicine; Featured Compound: Lollipops for Pain-Relief; Scarves & Jewelry Sale

Newsletter April 2017
Let's Talk Irritable Bowel; Allergy Fighter; Featured Essential Oil: Plant Therapy's KidSafe A+ Attention; Proverbs to Live By: Think Before You Speak; Non-Profit: Children's Aid Society; The Best Medicine; Featured Compound: Migraines; E-Cloth Sale

Newsletter March 2017
Recovering Energy, Resiliency, & Endurance; Individualized Attention from our Professionals; Guaranteed Relief; Essential Oils Tips & Tricks; The Best Medicine; Non-Profit: Camp Penn; Proverbs to Live By: Seek Advice & Counsel; Featured Compound: Cold Sores; Anniversary Event Details

Newsletter February 2017
Two Risk Factors for Heart Health; Two Great Services for Your Convenience; Antioxidant Support; Essential Oils Tips & Tricks; The Best Medicine; Non-Profit: Biblical Education Center; Proverbs to Live By: Learn to Accept Discipline; Donna Sharp Sale; Featured Compound: Hormone Imbalance Issues; Essential Oils Workshop

Newsletter January 2017
Thyroid 101: Beware of Opposites; Our 'Top Five' Special for Your Health; Time to Cleanse; Essential Oils Tips & Tricks; The Best Medicine; Non-Profit: Joy El Ministries; Proverbs to Live By; Featured Compound: Vaginal Dryness; Clean Sweep Gift Sale