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Unless otherwise specified, all seminars and workshops are held at the WellSpan Health Campus, building two, and you can use the form below to reserve your spot.  

July 3rd: Open 8am-1pm

July 4th: Closed

July 16th-31st: BOGO 50% Off: Entire essential oils department. Discount will be taken off of least expensive item.

July 20th: "Powerful Herbs" Blending Booklet: Although we do not feel like we should host an essential oils blending class right now, we are providing you with the opportunity to sign up and receive a blending booklet which contains 12 new recipes, formulated by Sharon Smith, to try at home. The "Powerful Herbs" blending booklet will take a closer look at four essential oils that come from the herbs basil, marjoram, oregano, and thyme. If you would like to receive this blending booklet, please register below as if registering for an event by July 20th. The booklet will be available for you to pick up at the store on July 24th or after. 

July 30th: LDN Webinar, 7-8pm: We would like to share with you the life changing outcomes our patients are seeing after taking Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN). Approved in the 1980s to treat opioid and alcohol addiction at a 50+mg dose, Naltrexone has been found to modulate the immune system and help provide pain relief when reduced to doses ranging from 0.5mg to 9.0mg daily. Patients suffering from autoimmune diseases, chronic pain, mental health challenges, and inflammation are all excited about this inexpensive medication! If you would like to find out more about LDN, how it works, and whether it might be good for you, please join Dr. Wayne for this webinar. Fill out the form below to register. PLEASE BE SURE TO PROVIDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THE ADDITIONAL INFORMATION SECTION SO THAT WE CAN GET YOU THE WEBINAR DETAILS.